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Greenhouse Ventures (GHV) is an investment and venture development firm that owns and operates the cannabis and hemp industry’s first early-stage innovation accelerator and corporate incubator in the world. Our mission is to increase the rate of success for Innovation Ecosystem Stakeholders in the cannabis and hemp industries.

Our Investment Thesis is to build, acquire, and partner with successful businesses that will lead to or benefit from cannabis and hemp industry restructuring. We believe in building technology-enabled and branded product companies for $1M - $5M that attain some level of commercial viability, acquire customers predictably, and can later be sold for $25M - $250M. Our investment thesis is rooted in identifying coachable, resilient, domain experts who portray servant-leadership qualities.

For Entrepreneurs, GHV is the first advisor on the cap table, the first line of defense from outside threats, the first sales partner working with founders to close the first 10 significant deals, and (selectively) the first C-level or interim-management position hired to help scale the business. For Investors, GHV is a lower risk and lower barrier-to-entry investment and due diligence network compared to traditional family office, venture fund, angel network, and private equity vehicles.

Greenhouse Ventures’ Unique Value Proposition is the result of our relentless pursuit of four key pillars practiced internally and reinforced within the cultures of our portfolio companies: Diversity (in people, ideas, and clients), Business Model Scalability, Capital Efficiency, and Core Community Contributions.

Greenhouse Ventures selectively engages with organizations and individuals aligned with our Community Impact Thesis, which states: Increases in Wealth and Job Creation are the result of Smart Strategy (Collaborative Innovation), Smart Capital (Cooperative Investment), and Smart People (Connected Influencers) working together towards shared end-goals.

Corporations & Universities

Plug into cutting edge innovation through integrative programs that enhance procurement, co-licensing, co-investing, and acquisition activities with early and growth-stage private companies. Design and deploy professional training programs for stakeholders preparing to enter or already operating within the cannabis and hemp industry. Learn more.



Invest intellectual, operational, and financial capital alongside like-minded angel investors, family offices, growth-stage funds, and venture development institutions focused at the intersection of sustainable job and wealth creation. Sustainable job and wealth creation are the result of Smart Strategy, Smart Capital, and Smart People working towards common end-goals. Learn more.



Scale your vision through one of four venture development programs: Early-Stage Innovation Accelerator (10-week, physical and virtual, cohort-based, mentor-led boot camp), Growth-Stage Incubator, Corporate Incubator, or International Commercialization Incubator. Learn more.



Directly impact the decisions of primary value creators within the ecosystem by mentoring entrepreneurs, speaking at conferences, consulting portfolio companies, and brokering win-win introductions. Convert your “subject matter expertise” into a professional training program or a series of free education modules that we can share with the ecosystem at large. Learn more.

Greenhouse Ventures is led by a management and advisory team of serial entrepreneurs, industry experts, and veteran investors who have started, managed, and exited multiple companies. Our core team is supported by an international Mentor Network that supports our portfolio while helping improve and monitor the health of the global cannabis and hemp ecosystem.

Program Developer, Startup Advisor, and Career Coach focused on collaborative business and technology models that improve Workforce, Education, and Capital opportunities for Creatives, Students, Startups, and Small-Medium sized Enterprises (SMEs).

Kevin Provost

Executive Officer/Co-Founder - Greenhouse Ventures
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Experience in social media communications and portfolio management and operations. Tyler consults with early stage startup companies on business development, go-to-market strategies, digital media campaigns, and identifying capital and staffing needs.

Tyler Dautrich

Operations Manager/Co-Founder - Greenhouse Ventures
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Lindy has more than 20 years of experience in identifying, developing and growing innovative companies, and is a passionate entrepreneur and a champion of both start-ups and women-owned businesses. She is the founder of a full line of skin care products for cancer patients.

Lindy Snider

Founder/CEO - Lindiskin
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Upon retiring from the Philadelphia Flyers Riley founded the Hemp Heals Foundation, is a co-founder of Athletes For Care, and launched a hemp-based personal care product line – BodyChek Wellness.

Riley Cote

Co-Founder / NHL ambassador - Athletes For CARE
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Behind Greenhouse Ventures is an amazing community of serial entrepreneurs and industry experts that have volunteered their time to mentor Greenhouse Ventures companies. Each individual mentor has a wealth of knowledge, experience, and a professional network that they have agreed to use to leverage your success.

Scott Berman

Co-Founder - Cannabis Rep Network
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A multifaceted marketing professional with a passion for empowering brands to enhance their online presence through digital, social and content marketing. Perpetually “out-of-the-box” thinker. Lover of all things tech. A challenge-chaser fiercely committed to solving the unsolvable! Organized, solution-oriented and proactive.

Kelley Detweiler

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Salarizadeh is the Founder and CEO of Salar Media Group. Her area of expertise centers on public relations and strategic communications. She is now solely focused on improving the perception of cannabis for better market conditions.

Cynthia Salarizadeh

Founder & CEO - Salar Media Group
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Jeff holds over twenty years of experience in financial and operating strategy. Jeff began Your Outsourced CFO with the goal of providing small business owners a strategic partner to improve the clarity of the financial process while aligning their growth goals with measurable metrics to help them reach their personal and company-wide objectives.

Jeff Bruno

Founder & CEO - Your Outsourced CFO
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Jeffrey Samuels is VP of Sales at Founder Shield, an insurance and technology brokerage supporting over 1,500 venture-backed startups. Jeffrey is also an LP in SoundBoard Angel fund and an active member of the tri-state Angel community.

Jeffrey Samuels

VP of Sales - Founder Shield
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Doug is co-founder and a principal partner of Dutchess Capital, a Boston-headquartered global hedge fund, which has managed an investment portfolio of over $2 billion in transactional value. Through the Fund and personally, Doug has made numerous investments in ancillary businesses to the cannabis industry, in addition to touching the plant.

Douglas Leighton

Co-Founder & Principal Partner - Dutchess Capital
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As a Partner at Burton Trent, Scott leads legislative campaigns and business development strategies on behalf of his clients. Scott leverages his political background as well as his 13 years of experience as a business development leader for defense and tech giant Lockheed Martin to the benefit of Burton Trent clients.

Scott Rudder

Partner - Burton Trent Public Affairs
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Retired DEA Supervisory Special Agent Jack Teitelman brings his extensive experience in law enforcement to TITAN GROUP, with more than three decades of continuous leadership expertise in government, security, law enforcement, and private industry. Jack worked for the Department of Justice/Drug Enforcement Administration for 26 years as a Special Agent and Supervisory Special Agent. 

Jack Teitelman

CEO / President - TITAN Group
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Nearly 30 years of experience in the areas of taxation, accounting and business consulting. In addition to his many years as a CPA, Dean has worked in private industry and was also a managing director of a real estate development company. Dean has the ability to identify and understand complex issues and how they relate to businesses and their individual owners.

Dean Guske

Managing Director - Duske & Company
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David Dinenberg is the Founder and CEO of Kind Financial which provides financial services and technology solutions enabling cannabis-related businesses to transact safely and securely.

David Dinenberg

Founder and CEO - Kind Financial
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Mike is a diligent entrepreneur focused on supply chain efficiency and business process improvement, with comprehensive experience in various industries and roles.

Mike Bologna

CEO/Founder - Green Lion Partners
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Jeffrey is a serial entrepreneur in real estate, film production, cannabis, and other industries. His focus is on improving the lives of others through his endeavors.

Jeffrey Zucker

President/Co-Founder - Green Lion Partners
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His professional experience includes service in government, politics, and conflict resolution. In 2011 Doug founded Premier Cannabis Insurance, a leading industry provider serving the full spectrum of cannabis operations.

Doug Banfelder

Executive Producer - Premier Cannabis Insurance
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Kelli Brown – former educator with a passion for creating engaging & educational media. She is the founder of Hemptress, LLC and

Kelli Brown

Founder - Hemptrees, LLC &
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