Releaf App

MoreBetter (Releaf App) is a big data company providing information as a service and answers as a service solutions to inform and educate patients, businesses, and medical professionals on the efficacy of cannabis as-a-medicine. MoreBetter empowers patients, business, and healthcare professionals in the supply chain with actionable data-backed insights that cultivators, manufacturers, retailers, and consumers use to track and improve industry standards and procedures. MoreBetter collects real time consumer reported treatment outcomes and product effectiveness data via a free mobile app. MoreBetter’s mission is to close the data feedback loop that exists between consumers, businesses, healthcare professionals, and researchers regarding medical cannabis.


Janerette’s Eco-Friendly Fungi

Janerette’s researches, develops, mass produces, and distributes the finest mycorrhizae inoculants for sustainable agriculture, forestry and environmental needs. Janerette’s groundbreaking trade secret fungal inoculants are proven to increase crop yield, reclaim unresponsive soils, produce crops in drought conditions, grow crops in sand, minimize or even eradicate fertilizer requirement, and reduce pathogens and disease.  Janerette’s inoculants also increase nutrient (including minerals such as phosphorus) and water absorption, increase root health and longevity, increase tolerance to high soil temperatures, increase tolerance to toxic heavy metals, and increases tolerance to extremes in pH and transplant shock.  All inoculants also have an extended shelf life of over ten years, and are Organic Materials Review Institution (OMRI) certified ISO 17065.


Greenhouse Programs

Greenhouse Programs (GHP) is an events and education property historically operated as a wholly owned Greenhouse Ventures LLC subsidiary. GHP operates within the “events and education” verticals of the nascent Cannabis and Hemp industries. Brands under GHP include, CannabisLearn, Hemp Heals Music Festival, Elevated Mansion.


Wild Fox Provisions

USDA Certified Organic Hemp Farm.