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Over the years we’ve had many startups ask us how can they send their company newsletters directly to the inbox of their subscribers, and not have it sent to spam or in a “Sponsor” folder. Great question considering the time and money that goes into designing newsletters and email marketing campaigns. So we decided to do some research.

During our research we were looking for a few key things:

Price – when you are an early stage venture, bootstrapping, every dollar counts and often email marketing is not the first place you want to spend your limited resources.

Convenience – we didn’t want to provide a solution that was difficult to download, install, navigate and actually use. We were looking for a simple solution that could solve the problem.

Template Creation/Imports – if your newsletter are not appealing they are less likely to be opened and read. So we needed a solution that either provided a wide range of templates, made it easy to create new templates, or allowed templates to be imported (most of our clients were using MailChimp and had templates already created or a process down for creating new ones).

After testing a few different services, we found cloudHQ Gmail Email Templates to be the best solution for our clients problem.

This service is Free to use, which is great for bootstrapping ventures, and also has paid membership levels that provide you with additional options and perks.

The service is easy to install and sync with Chrome as well as MailChimp. CloudHQ does provide each user with a dozen or more free email templates that cover a wide range of themes and styles, however it is very simple to connect with MailChimp and important any current or future templates you have saved there.

How this works is (after you synced cloudHQ with MailChimp):

Login to your MailChimp account and create/edit the template you want to send.

Name the template, then save and exit.

In your Gmail browser, click “Compose” to create a new email.

When the blank email box appears, you will see an icon at the bottom of the email box, next to “Formatting Options” that reads “More Tools”

Click “More Tools”

Two template icons will appear above the “More Tools” icon, click the icon on the left that says “Insert Template”.

A box will pop up with three tabs “Free Templates”, “My Templates”, and “MailChimp”.

From there its as simple as scrolling through the options provided and clicking which one you want to use. If you saved a template from MailChimp it will be listed in the order it was saved under the “MailChimp” tab. When you click on the template you want to use it will automatically upload into you email draft. All you need to do is review and send!

This will allow you to continue to use your awesome newsletter designs in a more effective and efficient way. And what’s great is, if you notice any spelling or grammatical error during your final review, you can make text edits and picture adjustments right from the email draft. No need to go back into the template and adjust or redesign.

For more information on cloudHQ services, click here.

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