We believe that increases in wealth and job creation are the result of Smart Strategy (Collaborative Innovation), Smart Capital (Cooperative Investment), and Smart People (Connected Influencers)  working together.

Collaborative Innovation is achieved when individuals agree to sacrifice personal outcomes for the greater good of the ecosystem, based on shared goals.   Cooperative Investment is a strategy based on securing multiple sources of capital ranging from (but not limited to) family and friends financing, peer-to-peer lending, crowdfunding, angel investing, fiscal sponsors, research grants, in-kind donations, and sweat equity. Connected Influencers are individuals who have the unique ability to impact the decisions of primary value creators, to share knowledge, and to promote success stories beyond the regional, organizational, or industry-specific ecosystem they operate within.

Investors can connect with GHV and private investment opportunities through annual engagements including the Elevated Mansion Investors Meet and Greet (Las Vegas), and the GHV Accelerator Demo Day (Philadelphia).  In between offline events, investors stay connected to private investment opportunities virtually through Flitepath, our online portfolio management platform which enables investors to mentor and monitor companies from a distance.

We look forward to connecting with like minded individuals, firms, funds, and institutions and encourage you to connect with us here.