Job Creation is the cornerstone of Wealth Creation. GHV measures the success of our company based on how many jobs we create within the communities we serve and how much wealth our portfolio companies generate within a 5-10-year horizon from initial engagement.  

At Greenhouse Ventures, we implement management training programs internally to recruit and cultivate C-level talent from the ground floor of entry-level sales and project administration. Case in point: In 2015, we accepted our first college interns to work with GHV, and four years later, these individuals are being hired as our first employees, and we fully expect them to be promoted to director or management positions within 24 months. Click here to learn how to enroll in our Internship Program.

For Professionals entering the industry, GHV offers job recruitment, vetting, and placement services within the following sectors: healthcare, legal, accounting, lab testing, retail operations, cultivation and agriculture, sales and customer service. Click here if you’re an employer seeking qualified candidates. Click here if you’re a job seeker looking for a career in the cannabis or hemp industry.