We know less about marijuana than we think — here are the biggest mysteries researchers are trying to solve


In many ways, it’s the age of access to pot.

As of last November, more than 20% of Americans live in states that have voted to legalize recreational marijuana use. A majority live in states that allow access to medical marijuana.

In Colorado, cannabis aficionados can attend $125 per person dinners, where multiple varieties of weed are paired with chef-prepared gourmet meals. In New York — a state with a relatively strict medical marijuana law — 98-year-olds like Ruth Brunn rely on cannabis oil to soothe the debilitating pains of neuropathy. Weed’s more legally accessible now than it has been since the “Reefer Madness” era of the 1930s; the varieties available now, created with the aid of modern botany and chemistry, are unparalleled in history.

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