The Limitless Potential of This Green Plant Saving the World


This year, medical marijuana is legal in more than half of the United States. Missouri, Texas, and North Carolina are some of the next few states to legalize medical marijuana.

Modern research has proven that it is helpful for relieving symptoms in a variety of diseases, including glaucoma, cancer, and multiple sclerosis. Despite its medicinal benefits, the DEA still classifies it as a Schedule 1 drug, which defines it as an unacceptable substance with a high potential for abuse.

As a Schedule 1 drug, doctors can only write recommendations on the behalf of their patients. Is marijuana really a drug though? In our modern era, many people know marijuana as a medicinal plant. Some people are using the word “cannabis” more in their everyday language to separate the plant from the stigma surrounded by the word, marijuana. Pick your preferred word. Either is fine by me.

This article was originally published in The Huffington Post. Click here to read more.

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