Greenhouse Ventures is the first cannabis and hemp innovation accelerator in the world. Twice per year (February and September), Greenhouse Ventures accepts up to 20 companies into an exclusive ten-week curriculum and mentor-based boot camp where business owners learn best practices related to capital formation and business development. During the accelerator, the Greenhouse Ventures Mentor Board provides strategic guidance and pro-bono services to prepare startups for “Demo Day”, where companies receive the opportunity to publicly pitch their business to potential investors, partners, advisors, and customers.

After graduating from Greenhouse Ventures Accelerator, business owners should be able to:

  • Understand the path towards capitalization relevant to the business development timeline and available resources of the team
  • Document and execute an actionable go-to-market or growth strategy with a pricing model that has been validated by early adopting customers
  • Explain Unique Value Proposition (UVP) through four different mediums: an elevator pitch, a slide deck, an executive summary, and a demo day presentation.
  • Determine appropriate sources of capital for the business ventures and a reasonable capital formation timeline for the 6-24 months following Demo Day
  • Improve Key Performance Indicators associated with growth of the business:
    • Doors knocked, decision makers qualified, callback, proposals sent
    • Sales revenue, cost per lead, traffic-to-lead ratio, lead-to-customer ratio
    • Letters of intent, endorsements, testimonials, customer referrals
    • Downloads, installs, registrations, sign-ups, opt-ins
    • Time on site, clicks per page, session length, returning customer rations
    • Email addresses, email open rates, email replay rates, email click rates
  • Identify the proper legal and financial due diligence steps that need to be taken in order to pursue a crowdfunding or traditional angel investment round.
  • Deliver an effective Demo Day presentation that reflects historical growth in critical KPIs, a KPI growth timeline, and a justifiable investment narrative

Our Fall 2017 Semester will run from September 12th – November 17th. All team members are required to commit to the full ten-week semester. If you are unable to attend during this time period please do NOT apply for this semester (check back in January!). Application deadline is August 8th. Accepted companies will be announced August 12th.


Complete the below application to apply for Greenhouse Ventures Fall 2017 semester. One application per company. Our Investment Committee will review applications and you will be contacted on August 12th if you have been accepted.

To complete this application you will need to have a thorough understanding on your business and the assets currently in place, as well as a completed Executive Summary, Pitch Deck, and/or 5-Minute Pitch Video.

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