Twice per year, Greenhouse Ventures engages up to 20 companies in a ten-week curriculum-based semester that culminates with “Demo Day”, where company founders publically pitch investors, donors, and lenders in an effort to secure initial funding, press coverage, and early-adopting customers. Greenhouse Ventures provides each company with $60,000 in professional services during a 12-18 month engagement in exchange for an average of 5% equity in their venture. During the accelerator, cohort companies learn how to “pitch” for capital while creating initial awareness of their product or service as they prepare to enter their new brand into the marketplace or scale their existing operations. After Demo Day, portfolio companies execute their Go-to-Market or Growth strategies to attract a critical mass of customers, users, and investors as part of an ongoing capitalization strategy. Each semester consists of 90 hours of curriculum focused on educating entrepreneurs on general business development, go-to-market and growth strategies, legal/financial due diligence, capital formation, fundraising, and identifying exit opportunities. Upon completion of the accelerator companies will have finalized their capitalization table for both short term and long term needs, a go-to-market and/or growth strategy, financial model for investors, and any contract or paperwork templates needed to move forward with operations.

Is your company in need of any of the services listed above? Apply for Greenhouse Ventures Spring 2017 semester now by filling out the application below. Greenhouse Ventures is looking for resilient, coachable, and domain expert entrepreneurs that are working to improve the cannabis and industrial hemp industries. We look forward to reviewing your company’s application. Application window closes at midnight on Friday, February 24th and the Spring 2017 semester begins Monday, March 13th.

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