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Emerging Cannabis Industry Presents Big Opportunities For Investors

Legal marijuana sales are projected to reach $20.6 billion by 2020, a significant increase from its current $7.4 billion level. Despite the trend, there are still significant gray areas surrounding the legality of profiting off of recreational cannabis. This article was originally published on Benzinga. Click here to read more.

We know less about marijuana than we think — here are the biggest mysteries researchers are trying to solve

In many ways, it's the age of access to pot. As of last November, more than 20% of Americans live in states that have voted to legalize recreational marijuana use. A majority live in states that allow access to medical marijuana. In Colorado, cannabis aficionados can attend $125 per person dinners, where multiple varieties of weed are paired with chef-prepared...

Marijuana Industry to Create 283,000 Jobs by 2020, Report Projects

These numbers confirm that cannabis is a major economic driver. Though, the most serious potential obstacle to fast growth in cannabis employment is the Trump Administration. This article was originally published in Entrepreneur. Click here to read more.

Former NFL Player Marvin Washington is Stepping Up for CBD and Diversity in Cannabis Industry

Washington is pushing for the NFL to change its marijuana policy. He’s a leader of a budding movement of former players who are calling on the league and its union to embrace cannabis as a solution to two problems that threaten the future of pro football: traumatic brain injuries and painkiller addiction."I don’t want to kill football, I want to make...

Pot Experience No Longer a Prerequisite for Cannabis Jobs

The Cannabist reports a projection of up to 255,000 jobs in the cannabis sector within the next three years. Vangst founder and serial entrepreneur, Karson Humiston agrees. “We are seeing a lot of transition between non-cannabis and cannabis jobs, people are taking pay cuts to get into this new industry,” she says. A year ago, she wasn’t even looking at...